Monday, October 06, 2008

The weekend was good. Pretty busy, as is typical for a family with six kids, but good. I won't bore you every week with our weekend details, but I figured I would write out the events of this one so you can see what we typically do every weekend.

Friday night Jake had football practice, Carly slept over at a friend's house, and Ethan had a school "social". I fed Noah and DJ dinner here and Richard and I went out for a quick bite on our own in between bringing Jake home and picking up Ethan. After we brought Ethan home, Richard and I went to a this little hole in the wall hangout that we like to go listen to music and have a few beers.

Saturday morning Richard, Noah, and DJ took Jake to his football game and I took Ethan and Carly with me to Mitzi's (our foster dog---see other blog) Pet Fair. The Pet Fair was a nightmare, so we didn't stay the whole time. About the time we finished, Richard and the other kids met us for lunch. After that, we had a couple of hours free, so I took a nap. (I love naps!!!!) It was a short nap because Jake had lacrosse practice at 4:00. Noah had a game in Highland Park, but luckily some friends took him to that since Richard is one of the coaches of Jake's team and had to run practice. When Jake's practice was over, we waited around for about an hour talking to some other parents until Noah got back. By the time we got home (almost 7:30), we were exhausted. We ordered pizza for the kids and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Sunday Jake had a lacrosse game at 1:00 and Noah had one at 4:00. We didn't have time to go home between these games, so we just had lunch and ran into Wal-Mart to get a couple of things. We got home from the games at around 5:30, fed the dogs, showered, then took the kids to Outback for dinner. After Outback, we went to Barnes and Noble. (I love going to the book store!!!) By the time we got home, it was pretty much bed time. We were ready, too! :)

I'll leave you with some of our goofiness at dinner last night. I have started carrying around my old (non-professional) camera in my purse. I figured that way I can capture things that happen more regularly. Carrying around my good camera gets a little tedious.

Ethan being a goofball! (I hate the quality of pics this camera takes)

Richard and Carly

Preview of next weekend....DOWN WITH THE LONGHORNS!!!

Have a good week everyone!

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