Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today has been quite busy. Started the day at my daughter's Spelling Bee. She did of the last 5 people. She finally got out on the word "tongue".

Then I had the second part of the 3 month session I started last week. I haven't really edited many of these yet, but here is a sample---for my photo of the day.
Now my oldest is sick.....icky cough, chest hurting, and fever. No fun.

Hope you all are doing well. This challenge is fun! :)


deeya said...

Beautiful picture.. hope they are all that great! Sorry to hear your kiddie is feeling bad... I still think we are passing the bug around these blogs! :)

Anna said...

What a pretty little face! I LOVE pink. Sorry to hear you kiddo is feeling sick. So far mine have managed to dodge it..and I am keeping my fingers crossed!