Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Carly is planning her birthday party. We are going to have a limo take her and 7 of her friends to eat pizza in a couple of weeks. She is calling it her "Hollywood" party. I am going to make invites. We had a little photo shoot for a "Super Star-ish" type picture to put on the invitation. Here is an example of what we did.

I was here are my 6 weird things about me:

1. You guys know this already, but I am addicted to McDonald's diet coke.
2. I am a very phone shy person (until I get to know someone).
3. I LOVE to organize....I'll buy bins and bins---just to fill them with disorganized stuff.
4. I change careers every year or two. I've been a flight attendant, a teacher, and now a photographer. Next year I plan on going into skyscraper construction.
5. I know every word to most songs from the 80's and many of the songs from the 70's.
6. I LOVE Hot Tamales candy....they are my favorite. I have to buy a box of them every other week or so. YUMMY!

Now....who hasn't been tagged?!?!? I'm going to list 6 people.....sorry if you've already been tagged.


6 comments: said...

This will make a perfect Hollywood theme invitation!!! She looks so cute!

deeya said...

Great picture.... and wonderful idea for a party.... I'll be they have a blast!

Your list of weird things made me laugh... I recognized myself in that one about buying bins to hold unorganized things. :)

Betty said...

Ahhh..Carly looks so cute.

BTW...I STINKIN LOVE HOT TAMALES! When I go to the movies, that's what I want. Forget the popcorn! hahaha

Huffy said...

she is going to have a blast!! nice shot!

Beth said...

What a great idea! Love this.

Beth said...

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE hot tamales too! that and Brachs jelly beans and I'm a happy woman LOL :)