Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We are in London!

So far it has been a very nice trip. Here is the view from the apartment in which we are staying:

Sunday we went to the London Rugby 7's and had a BLAST! I love that sport! I didn't bring the camera, because they don't allow "carry-alls" (backpacks), but we had a total blast. We were in a suite-type situation whereas we could watch inside on big screens while we ate or drank, or we could step outside for the authentic feel of being at a sporting event. I had a blast watching the fans from all over the world. My favorite were some people from Kenya that NEVER sat down! They had some of the most hilarious cheers/chants/dances. Heck, they had me getting into some of them...lol! I had the hardest time getting used to a score being called a TRY. I'm so used to someone TRYING to score....not scoring a try!

Yesterday wasn't so great. My sinuses have been acting up for a month now, and the pollen-count here is through the roof. You can see the stuff flying through the air. After ending up Sunday with a terrible headache, I was dizzy and weak all day Monday....very congested as well. Managed to get up so that Richard could take me out to a wonderful, nice dinner when he got home from work, but really didn't feel great. This morning I went to the dr. here (hated to have to do that) and he diagnosed migraines brought on by my allergies. (?) He prescribed a migraine medicine and some antihistimines.

After the appointment, and finding a "chemist" to get the prescriptions filled, I went exploring with my camera. I basically got on the train with no idea as to where I wanted to get off....but I ended up at the Green Park. It was beautiful. People were everywhere enjoying the early summer sun. It is obvious that the weather hasn't been nice like this for long here. It is beautiful, too...about 70 degrees, light breezes....beautiful!

From there I walked to Buckingham Palace, then to St. James Park. I'd like to share some pictures from my journey.....I hope you enjoy them!

Gates of Buckingham Palace

View of London (and the Eye) from St. James' Park

I'm having trouble uploading pictures. I have many more to share, so I'll keep trying to post more throughout the week. Keep checking in and PLEASE drop me a comment and let me know what you think!

Hugs to all....

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