Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hello everybody! Did you all give up on me?!

It's been a busy first week of summer vacation. We have been getting ready for our trip to London, Jake's been sick with a stomach virus, and the photography business is up and running.

Richard and I are still in the "portfolio building" stage of our business. We offer free sessions in exchange for a signed model release form so we can use the photographs for our online galleries. We give a free 8x10, but we have been getting some decent orders as well. We shoot together on the weekends and evenings (Richard has become quite the camera hog---we need a second one I keep telling him) and I work solo during the week.

Here are a few sample shots from my first ever maternity session today:

It was a fun session and I have another one tomorrow morning.

I'm sure we'll take pictures in London, so I will post some during our trip.

Hope you all are doing well.............Hugs to everyone!

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