Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Praying for RAIN......I usually don't like rain, but let's just say that Jake not having lacrosse practice today wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.  Richard is working late and a quiet dinner with my kids sounds much better.  We have something EVERY night...EVERY day...I swear.  A break would be very welcomed by the whole family.  
Jake was sick yesterday...and his stomach still hurts "a little", so maybe it would be better to let him take it easy tonight.  
Am I a bad mom?
A "mommy" wouldn't do that, right?

Anyway....today I took my first One To One class.  It was pretty informative.  I've had my MacBook for a while now (about 2 months, I guess), but there are still things I don't really know and haven't quite gotten used to.  These classes are great as you can just ask whatever you want about any apple product/program.  I had a couple of questions about syncing my iPhone calendar with my MacBook calendar, etc.  

I have had a couple of really productive days.  This is good for me as I've been struggling a bit with my depression/social anxiety (self-diagnosed).  Lately there have been more days than not that I have wanted to do NOTHING and see or talk to ANYONE.  It is nice not to feel that way right now.  I hope it continues.  

Speaking of productive....I guess I'd better go fold clothes.  ALWAYS have laundry to do in the "Brady" household!  *wink*

Have a SUPER day!!!


Megryansmom said...

UGHHHH what is it with laundry. It's always there. I also have difficulty folding it and then putting it away. I'd rather blog

Dana said...

Beth Anne, I wouldn't feel too bad about the possiblity of having Jake miss his practice. That doesn't make you a bad mom AT ALL! I often do just that....it's a sanity saver, really. I don't feel bad about it, I just know my limits and there are times when I really just need to slow down and have a quiet night with my family. We have daily activities here as well and while it's exciting and fun, I always look forward to Football, soccer, baseball etc. to be over with! RELAX! PLUS, if Jake was sick, you don't want him to relapse ::wink::