Monday, February 05, 2007

This is Jake. He is one of the 4 of our 6 kids who are playing lacrosse this spring. Jake couldn't resist donning his new gear to practice in the front yard today.

DJ is still sick. He still has a fever. He is coughing a lot too. The dr. says strep sometimes takes a few days to respond to the antibiotic.....but usually he gets better after the first day. I think he has more than strep quite frankly. The cough is deep in his chest and it is making him miserable.

Have a great day, challenge buddies! :)


deeya said...

Sorry DJ is still feeing bad.. poor thing... I hated strep as a kid!

Love the lacross uniform too... he looks like he's ready to take them on!

Jax's Challenge said...

Get better and hopefully it won't be passed onto anyone else.
He looks dangerous in that gear.

Beth said...

So sorry you still have a sick one. But doesn't the little guy look cool in his gear! LOL