Monday, April 10, 2006

Not sure where the time has gone.....I've been subbing a lot, and the weekends have been JAM PACKED with games, leaving me very little computer (blogging) time.

We took several pictures at Noah's soccer game while we were freezing our tails off. One of the cutest ones, of course, was of Hamilton.

He is such a sweet dog. He has to have surgery because he has early stage hip dysplasia. This surgery is done at a young age and is very successful with most dogs. If we didn't do this, he most likely would be in a lot of pain as he grows up. Think about Mr. Hammy on Friday--that's the day we are doing the surgery.

Here is a picture of Noah and one of Jake....I thought it Noah's was especially cute with his teammates looking on from the sidelines. Jake is just doing a throw-in (he loves soccer!).

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. We will think of Hamilton on Friday. Let us know how everything turns out. Love to all, Daddio