Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well! Everyone is healthy here and the weather is GORGEOUS! It was too hot yesterday (97 degrees, can you believe it?!?!), but today was in the 80's and perfect. When Jake got home from school yesterday all he wanted was to swim. Great, except we have no pool yet. Don't even have a hole in the ground yet. He wanted me to find him a pool. He wanted me to call all our neighbors who have pools and see if they would let Jake come swim. He was relentless in begging. I finally sent him outside--thanks to my husband's idea:

This made him very happy. Like the dog dish pool? :)

I have my first official portfolio building session Friday. I'm going to photograph my next door neighbor---who is 2. I am doing it for free to get the experience and some pictures (hopefully) that can go on my website or in a portfolio. I hope I get some good ones. I'm nervous as I have no studio lighting--YET (I'm saving for some strobes). Wish me luck!

Richard and I are going to the zoo with Noah tomorrow---his field trip. We are looking forward to it. I'm sure we will get lots of pics!

Speaking of pics, here is one I took of Ethan and D.J. this afternoon. Look how grown up they look---and of course it would be uncool to smile for the camera! *wink*

Hugs to all!

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