Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today's picture of the day is an introduction.....
Friends and Family, meet Hamilton.
Hamilton is our new baby. He weighs twice as much as Siggy did full-grown and he is only 10 weeks old! He is a soft, loveable, and GENTLE sweetheart.
We were going to adopt a lab dog (and avoid the puppy stage), but we decided that we would rather know the dog's history, raise him and train him the way we want him to be, and reduce the shock the cats were going to feel in seeing such a massive canine.
The kids all adore him--even DJ who wanted a pug or a boston terrier instead. Richard and I adore him. He slept in bed with us, until about 4 am when he was all of a sudden restless and wanting to play. (I took him out, then hung out in the family room with him so Dad could sleep) He walked (when I wasn't holding him) the kids to school with me this morning and did pretty well on the leash.
I'm going to Petsmart today to buy lots of chew toys...and to look into their puppy training classes. I want this dog to be very well trained.
I think he is going to be a wonderful addition to the family!

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Zayde J said...

Wonderful profile picture. Where did the name Hamilton come from?
Love, Daddio