Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Picture of the Day 3/14
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. We are very sad here, because our beloved Sigmund escaped again. He has been missing since Friday. Being that he is microchipped, I have called every pound around, we have signs up, and he had tags on....the outlook isn't so good. Being gone so long and not having heard anything, we are beginning to fear the worst. The local dog shelter has told me that there are a lot of coyotes around here that kill small dogs, like Siggy. :( However, Richard and I are going to think the most positive thing we can: some nice family has him and decided to keep him as their own because they love him so much. Not what we would wish, but much better than the alternative. And of course we still pray daily that he will be returned to us unharmed!
So...the picture of the day is of my precious baby dog. The one who sleeps cuddled up next to me every night....the one who follows my every step during the day as I work around the house.....the one who plays with Richard every night with one of his zillion toys....the sweetest dog I have ever had:

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Anonymous said...

I feel so sad for you all. What will you do? Please let us know if he comes back home. We hope so!
Love to all,
Betty & Jay