Sunday, March 19, 2006

Photos of the Weekend March 18-19
This has been a very WET weekend here in Texas. Saturday morning DJ had his first Flag Football game and it was so miserable outside that I watched most of it from inside the car. We got a few pictures, however--and took one beforehand.
The kids didn't mind the weather much. I took these pics from inside the car---Ethan and Carly were cheering and dancing together at one point! It was hilarious! They all had a good time cheering DJ on.
Carly, then had her first volleyball game. It went very well and was much more comfortable, being inside and all. *grin*
Jake was so bummed because his soccer game got cancelled because of all the rain. He can't wait for his first game! We missed last week's because of camp, so the rainout this week REALLY disappointed him. HOWEVER, I must brag on my little guy: He won the award for being RESPONSIBLE in his kindergarten class. His name was announced at an all-school assembly and he got a certificate. Here he is displaying his award:
Noah and Ethan had no games due to it being their Spring Break this week.
I'll leave you with one last picture. We had a RARE photo-op this morning! We actually had all the kids stand together for a picture. Matthew spent the night last night---and even though he didn't want to be in the picture, he stood with the kids for us! YAY! It's not even a good picture as they are all looking in different directions, but at least you can see everyone's face! :)
Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

I thought I left a comment last nite but since it's not there, I'll try again. I love all the pictures you sent and look forward to them everyday. We love you all and miss you very much.
Love, Betty & Jay